The Law students are back at it! Welcome Back potluck chez Stéphanie!

Last week, as classes were in full swing, Stéphanie hosted a lovely soirée chez elle!

Quelques étudiants de la Faculté de droit Programme national, Programme de common law en français/anglais, et de droit civil se sont réunis pour lancer un tout premier potluck.

It was a lovely evening of culinary delights!

Welcome Back! Premier potluck!
Welcome Back! Premier potluck–

On the menu:

  • Various salads (orzo and Greek)
  • Pastas (zucchini–yellow and green sliced thinly with olive oil and garlic)
  • Lots of greens!
  • Keep eating those veggies! Healthy brain is a happy one!
  • Vegetarian spring rolls
  • *Most of these options are vegan/vegetarian/dairy free!

Il y a avait aussi du pain, des vins et du bon fromage! Miam 😉

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