Fusion of Mediterranean Flavours!

Good morning or should I say kalimera? 

Today, I am starting a very important page for my blog, a fusion of mediterranean foods. Despite the language differences, and cultural borders, the southern mediterranean countries all have many culinary and cultural trends in common. Olive oil, olives, eggplants and seafood quickly come to mind. One more thing we cannot forget is the love we all share for family gatherings surrounded by food and good times. Although my family’s roots are from Italy, France and Canada, we have many close family friends from various different European backgrounds. This page is intended to share their recipes as well!

1. First, I’d like to introduce Cathy, a very close family friend of many years! Both families consider each other “aunt, uncle, and cousins.” She is an excellent cook and has shared her Greek recipes with us. Everytime there is a special occasion she prepares wonderful oven-roasted potatoes. We can never get enough! Another specialty of hers is oven roasted lamb!

To prepare the potatoes, in an iron pan, use olive oil to avoid sticking:

  • Wash and peel potatoes and slice them into wedges.
  • Add oregano, olive oil, some red wine, garlic cloves, salt& pepper, carrots, celery
  • Heat oven at 450 for 30 minutes
  • Then lower the heat to 350
Fusion of Greek Lamb and Italian Zeppole Desserts
Fusion of Greek Lamb and Italian Zeppole Desserts


Italian Zeppole di San Giuseppe: This is an Italian fried dough delight prepared for the festival of St.Joseph from Enna, Sicily. In the dialetto siciliano they are called zippula and are also associated with the festival in Naples. The word itself means soft dough and the filling can be either custard, ricotta or cream. These ones in particular are from the bakery in St-Leonard (Montreal) called Friulano. The entire meal was absolutely delicious!



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