How to spice up your “not so boring leftovers”!! Un piatto semplice per dare una seconda vita al cibo di ieri sera!!

Hey everyone! My Nanny Jeannie (Giovanna) always taught us not to waste food. She really was wise in saying that, because as westerners we tend to be wasteful without realizing it. Food is extremely expensive and often times, we toss it out of boredom. 

I’m sure we’re all guilty of wrinkling our noses and saying: “ugh I’m sick of eating this AGAIN.” Well, have no fear, for pasta can give your leftovers a second life. 

Gnocchi con patate, pancetta, aglio e olio. Gnocchi with potatoes, bacon, olive oil and garlic.

One cold wintery day, I was working on an intense research paper, and I really wanted to get my mind off of my work. Naturally, I decided that cooking was the best option. I opened my freezer, found a bag of Nonna’s gnocchi and started boiling water in una pentola or saucepan. My dad, Danny, “The BBQ KING” had made steaks the night before, with a side of The Little Potato Company potatoes (marinated in garlic, olive oil, salt and pepper). So I tried to get creative…

  • First, I grabbed the tupperware containing the miniature potatoes
  • Second, I sliced them in half on a cutting board
  • Third, I chopped up some bacon
  • Fourth, I poured a little olive oil in a large Lagostina non-stick pan (you don’t want to burn the gnocchi), and added in the potatoes and bacon
  • After the gnocchi were ready, I strained them and added them to the mixture of potatoes and bacon
  • *TIP always use a wooden spoon to stir (but remember that all oils can be absorbed by the wood….be mindful of this if any of your close friends or family members have allergies)  

Student Exchange in Salerno–Scambio studentesco a Salerno–Échange à Salerne

Hey all! Ciao a tutti!

To begin, have a look at some typical dishes from the province of Salerno (enjoyed with my sister Kelly and my best friend Virginia, summer 2013).

Per iniziare, date un’occhiata a dei piatti tipici della provincia di Salerno (assaggiati con mia sorella Kelly e mia amica Virginia, estate 2013.)